Jeffrey Lumetta

Jeffrey Lumetta is a top-performing and innovative technology executive with domestic and international experience in research/development, engineering, product management, patents, volume manufacturing, quality assurance, and strategic planning. He has a proven aptitude in global technology roadmaps, studying major product and market inflections, and translating that into business and technology strategies. Jeffrey Lumetta continues to be an enterprising and pioneering leader of engaging customers, educating business development teams, and navigating complex challenges to accelerate revenue growth.

In 2013, Jeffrey Lumetta decided to use his broad based skill set as a technology executive to help other companies craft strategies around innovation. As this activity grew, he found that many companies also need an assist in product, IP, and manufacturing strategies.

Jeffrey Lumetta has worn many hats in his career – engineer, manager, consultant, public speaker, founder and business owner. As a result, he has a unique ability to engage customers, educate business development teams and navigate complex challenges.

Key executive accomplishments:

  • Led technology and innovation for multi-national Fortune 200 company, $18,000,000,000 company.
  • Founded a global engineering organization now numbering 2,000+ R&D Engineers.
  • Generated $1,800,000,000 revenue impact annually.
  • Directed complex programs across Americas, Asia, and Europe.
  • Supervised advance manufacturing process engineering organization, test, and QA.
  • Chaired trends and capabilities in IoT, 3D printing, fluids, acoustics, robotics, drones, optics, wireless, power, and mechanics.
  • Developed technology and product experience in medical, automotive, transportation, enterprise, compute, clean-tech, white goods, industrial, aerospace-defense, and consumer products.
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