Private Innovation, Business Strategy & Product Consulting

As the founder of a 2000+ person engineering team within a fortune 200 company, Jeffrey Lumetta is an experienced engineering & technology executive that travels globally to profess innovation within technical and non-technical groups.

Jeffrey Lumetta believes success requires three ingredients: Vision; Power; and Execution™. Each of these requires a much different skill set, from clairvoyant idealism to concentrated focus. After “vision” comes innovation. Understanding how innovation incubates is a key specialty. Understanding how innovation fails is the real question.

During his travels, Jeffrey Lumetta stays abreast of key trends and changes that affect how innovation thrives in a multitude of environments and industries. He believes that innovation is required in all companies and departments, independent of what products or services are offered. Failure to keep a sharpened focus on how your company innovates will affect the long-term health of your future.

Jeffrey Lumetta holds a Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Where does your company need a boost?


  • What’s next in your growth plan?
  • Who is creating your vision? Do you have conflicts with multiple competing visions?
  • Do you have doubts about your vision?
  • What is the “don’t know?” What do you don’t know you don’t know?


  • Can you sell your vision? Is it clear enough to sell?
  • Who is responsible to sell it? Who are you selling it to?
  • What do you need to proceed forward?


  • Now that you have a vision and you’ve sold it, can you execute?
  • What is needed for success? Do you have the right team?

Executive Management – I can provide insight on VISION. Is it perfect? Where does it fit? DO you have the POWER to sell the VISION?

Engineering & Manufacturing Management – I can help motivate your teams and make them think different. To EXECUTE flawlessly.

Are your products too expensive?

Are your products difficult to manufacture?

Are your products difficult to repair?

Can your idea be implemented?

Are your roadmaps stale?

What’s your next product?

So you need new products!

  • Consultation in the following areas:
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Software Design
  • Platform Design
  • Manufacturing Partner Selection (regional or international)
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Existing product cost reductions
  • Design for manufacturability (DFx)

“Hope is NOT a strategy”

Organizations change, relationships don’t”

“Concept to Ca$h!”

Jeffrey Lumetta has lived and breathed products for over 30 years. Working in a fast paced manufacturing and product development environment — he is intimately knowledgeable in product markets from consumer devices to industrial controls to transportation of all types.