Speaking Engagements

Rekindling the Spirit of Innovation!!

Is your platform evolving for the future?

Has your company lost its innovative spirit?

Do you want to rapidly increase innovation?

Does your company lack a culture of innovation?

Are your competitors thinking faster?


Jeffrey Lumetta has visited over 600 companies and counting. These companies sell products and services in diverse markets: automotive suppliers/OEM’s, white goods, cell phones, social media platforms, medical products, consumer products, audio gear, food services, industrial conglomerates, internet, and many more.

He’s seen innovation thrive and fail in many of these companies. Why does a firm lose its innovative spirit?

Well, there are often many obstacles that emerge as companies grow – and he can help you knock them down.

What is the secret to creating an
innovative environment?

Jeffrey Lumetta’s speaking engagements sessions are interactive and work best with groups of 50 people or less – although he has spoken to conferences larger that 200. Jeffrey Lumetta generally spends time after the main session to allow for one on one’s or smaller group collaboration sessions. This can span for a day or two after the main session.